Gambling Bust in New Jersey Linked To Genovese Crime Family

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Organized crime has been taken a beating by police over the past few months. On Tuesday, another round of organized crime members were rounded up by authorities.

Police served warrants to forty two people with charges that range from money laundering, to racketeering. An illegal gambling ring was the initial target of the investigation.

In August, an investigation began into an illegal gambling ring that was being allegedly run by the Genovese crime family. The investigation lasted for seven months, and when it was complete, police began making the arrests.

The forty two people were arrested and charged with various crimes including money laundering, Distribution of narcotics, racketeering, and promoting gambling.

The gambling ring had four leaders. There were also numerous agents that were running individual betting packages. The agents were making a percentage of what gamblers in their package lost.

The troubling part of the arrests are the amount of government employees that were arrested in the sting operation. Three of them worked in the school system. The other two worked for Bergen County Parks Department, and Kearney department of Public Works.

While arrests have been made, the investigation continues and more arrests are possible in the case.


Australia High Court Rules In Favor of Online Gambling, Betfair

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Australia may have just opened the doors to full fledged online gambling in the country. An Australian High Court ruling was in favor of Betfair, a global online gambling agency.

Western Australia was trying to pass legislation that would have banned Betfair, but the High Court ruled against that legislation, in a decision that could open the door to widespread online gambling.

Not much can be done these days to keep people from spending their hard earned extra money gambling online. Several countries have loosened their stance on online gambling, with the U.S. on the verge of passing legislation to regulate the industry.

The High Court in Australia ruled that the ban on Betfair contravened section 92 of the constitution by imposing protectionist burdens on interstate trade.

The ruling means that Northern Territory bookmakers could soon be advertising in Victoria and NSW, according to gambling law expert, Jamie Nettleton.

The ruling also keeps the worldwide momentum going that has been generated for the online gambling industry. “It’s an inevitable consequence that they probably will be (allowed) in every state across the country,” said Barrie Fletton, Tatts Group Wagering Chief.

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