Gambling Bill Getting More Attention In Alabama Than Education

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A gambling Bill that was introduced by Senator Myron Penn, has brought to the forefront just how ugly the world of politics can get. The Bill has been stalled in the Senate for weeks, and is threatening to interfere with other issues.

The Governor of Alabama, Bob Riley, fears that if the gambling Bill issue is not resolved, the state runs the risk of the Bill getting in the way of other important issues.

There is a stalemate over the Bill, and it is causing the process of getting to the education budget, to slow down. “We’ve been debating a gambling bill since February and we’ll probably spend less than a day on our education budget, now that just doesn’t make sense,” said Riley.

The gambling Bill is also drawing attention to another problem that politicians have. They hold grudges. If their Bill’s are not passed, they then go on the offensive and take stances against other Bill’s. “If you kick my dog, I’m going to kick your cat,” said Penn.

The implication is that if his Bill does not get passed, him and other supporters of the gambling legislation will vote against any Bill’s from their opponents. That is where the United States is these days with politics.

Politicians voting along party lines, just to retain power. The good of the legislation is very rarely the issue. As the gambling debate rages on in Alabama, education takes a back seat.

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