Gambling at Bars in Indiana Approved By Senate Committee

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Bars in Indiana have been fighting for the right to be able to offer certain types of gambling in their establishments. That idea became a little bit closer to reality after a Senate Committee vote.

A Senate Committee has voted in favor of allowing certain types of gambling in bars in the state of Indiana. The Bill that would allow for this form of gambling was sent to the Committee but had to be tweaked before they gave it the go ahead.

The Senate Committee changed the oversight of the bar gambling to the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission. That will be instead of the Indiana Gaming Commission being responsible for overseeing the gambling.

Now that the committee has approved the Bill, it will be sent to the full Senate to be approved. If the Senate gives the O.K., the new form of gambling in bars would then go into law.

Pull tabs are the main gambling form that bar owners have been lobbying for. These tickets are similar to scratch off lottery tickets, but instead of scratching, a person pulls a tab to find out if they have won. The tabs come in boxes of 1,000 or 2,000 cards, and each one must pay off seventy five percent.

The other change that was made by the committee has to do with where the taxed money would go. It will now go to the state government and not to local governments.

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